Summary of NEW Features beginning March 4, 2013.

What Will Be Different?  

Our WebLine service will now offer you a completely NEW and INTUITIVE user experience, allowing you the ability to CUSTOMIZE it however you would like using “widgets,” including quick and easy access to the functions that matter most to you through a feature called “My WebLine.”

Enhanced Security Features   We have implemented state-of-the-art, advanced monitoring of your online banking activities to protect you against fraud and unauthorized access to your WebLine login and account information.

For example, if the system identifies activities that are not usual to your Online Banking habits, we will challenge you with security questions to verify your identity before we allow anyone to access your accounts.


Additional transfer features have been added – for example, you can now schedule a transfer to take place on a later date, or to take place every week, bi-weekly, monthly – or just about any frequency you would like. You can even set start and end dates.

Single Sign-On Features  

You will now have one-click access to your eStatements, VISA Credit Card Management and Check Ordering – with no need to enter additional passwords or Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) after you are already logged into WebLine.


You can now get alerted via email and/or via text message with an expansive variety of alerts for which you will be able to sign up – including checks cleared, account balances, confirmations, and even customized reminders that can be setup for just about anything!

Account History and Down Loads   

You can now download your account history into a variety of formats, including Excel, .csv, .txt, and .qif for importing into your Intuit Quicken Financial Management Software!

New Statement Rewards Program  

Introducing STATEMENT REWARDS – a new, FREE and valuable program that is offered exclusively to members who are WebLine users – just for using your accounts everyday!


You can now access your eStatements with just one-click. If you are not yet enrolled for eStatements, you can enroll through WebLine – it’s easy, fast and you get automated alerts via email or text message when your statement is ready for viewing

  • You will now have the ability to go completely PAPERLESS by receiving any/all of your notices from Mutual Security directly and electronically through your secure eService Portal on WebLine.


  • Beginning March 2013, we will store and make up to 18 months of eStatement history available to you.


  • All Statements and eStatements have been re-designed to be much easier to read and understand.

Online Share Account Opening  

You will now be able to open additional Shares through WebLine, with the added convenience of selecting additional people you would like to have on the title(s) of any new account(s) you open.

Additional Self-Service and Automated Enrollment Features  

Not yet a WebLine User? We now offer Self-Enrollment Features that will allow you to instantly enroll using a simple online form and verification process. Just choose your own username and password and within minutes, you will be signed up and ready to go.


  • Should you forget your password, we have also added a new feature that will allow you to reset it without our assistance.


As we implement our New WebLine Service, it is important for all WebLine Users to review this information and plan accordingly to transition from our current WebLine to our New WebLine!

Thursday, February 28, at 6:00 PM through Sunday, March 3
The Current WebLine System Will be Available in Inquiry-Only Mode.

During this time period, information will only be available for transactions processed through 2/28/2013 by 6:00 PM.


We strongly encourage members to print or download past history that they would like at their fingertips for future reference, as the New
WebLine will no longer store history prior to March 1, 2013.

All transactions that were to be processed during this time frame will post on Monday, March 4, 2013 with the appropriate effective dates.

Monday, March 4
Introducing New WebLine

Our NEW WebLine service will be available for you to access beginning the afternoon of Monday March 4 and will provide only account activity from March 2013 going forward.

Account History may be obtained with the assistance of a Member Service Representative, however additional time for research may be required.

What Will Be Different


  • You will now login directly from our Mutual Security (www.mscu.net) homepage in the top left hand corner by entering your temporary User ID (see below for instructions on how to login to WebLine for the first time after the Upgrade).


  • Any “Bookmarks” or “Favorites” you have saved to a WebLine login page will be disabled and will no longer work beginning on Monday March 4.


  • Due to the upgrade, you should check your internet browser compatibility before attempting to login for the first time by clicking on the “Test My Browser” link.


  • If your browser is incompatible with our enhanced WebLine service, you will be provided with a link to upgrade your browser.


  • If your Internet Browser settings need to be adjusted, follow the on-screen instructions provided to you.



Enhanced Security Features

Effective March 4, 2013, due to enhanced security features, the first time you login to WebLine you will need to complete additional steps before being able to access your account information.

First Time Login Credentials

You can use your current login credentials for the first time logging in after the Upgrade as follows:

Your User ID will be the existing Member Number that you currently use to login.

You will be prompted to select a NEW username.

  • When selecting a NEW Username, you cannot use your current member number (or any sequence of it). New usernames allow both letters and numbers (but must begin with a letter) and must be between 6 and 12 characters in length.

Your temporary First-Time Password will be “MSCU” (in capital letters and without the quotation marks) + the last 4 digits of the primary member’s Social Security Number*.  

* (For example, if your Social Security Number ends in 1234, your temporary password would be
MSCU1234 for your first login to WebLine after the Upgrade.

You will be prompted to select a NEW password.

  • When selecting a NEW Password, you must select at least 1 letter, 1 number and 1 special character. Password lengths must be between 8 and 10 characters and they are case-sensitive.